Josie McDonough and Mike Ridley have meticulously developed their own versions of their favourite Joni Mitchell songs. This includes some well-known works, like Both Sides Now, and less familiar ones, such as Urge for Going, which was released as a B-side to one of the singles from For the Roses in 1972. By combining the artist’s most popular recordings with lesser-known personal choices, The Joni Project proves to be as enlightening and surprising as it is entertaining and nostalgic. This is not, and I repeat NOT, a tribute act, since the duo have no desire to emulate Mitchell’s very unique, even inimitable sound and style. The Joni Project is much more about inspiration than emulation. It enables two fine and experienced performers to take what they love most about Joni’s songs and make them their own.

Both Josie and Mike are experienced musicians and have strong music backgrounds. Mike is a multi-instrumentalist playing acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, violin, piano, melodeon and clarinet. A song writer, arranger and MD his music output covers many genres including Blues, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Classical and Americana. He is well known throughout the Northeast having worked with many of the best local musicians.

Josie started her career in music with a Decca recording contract. She spent most of her teens promoting her pop singles on TV and radio throughout Europe before giving it all up for a sensible career in teaching! She has performed as lead vocalist in various Rock, Folk and Jazz bands in the Northeast but has held a long term desire to perform the early music of Joni Mitchell.

Josie and Mike’s latest collaboration is the ‘Joni Project’ born from a shared passion for Joni Mitchell’s early albums.

Doors open at 6.30pm and the music will begin at 8.00pm. Bar available.

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Standard 1 10 per Person


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Friday Friday 10/11/2023 18:30pm 18:30pm Friday Friday 10/11/2023 23:59pm 23:59pm