Berwick is often mistaken for being a Scottish town. It is situated only 3 miles from the Scottish Border, on the northern bank of the Scottish River Tweed and has a football team that plays in the Scottish League! It is also considerably closer to the capital city of Scotland (Edinburgh) than to London. 

Berwick Rangers FC

Berwick Rangers host Scottish giants Rangers

Berwick-upon-Tweed has been part of England since 1482, having previously changed hands with Scotland some 13 times. However its close proximity to the Scottish Border means that the people of Berwick often have mixed Anglo-Scottish families and claim to be neither English nor Scottish, but simply ‘Berwickers’. 

Berwickers are friendly, welcoming characters and, spending a holiday here, you will get to know the people as well as the place.

Friendly welcome

Recieve a friendly welcome during your visit to Berwick 

The Berwick dialect is also an interesting mix with Berwickers being mistaken for Geordies when they go North, or Scots if they go South! If you travel around the Borders towns and villages during your stay, you will discover that each town and village has a different local accent. 

Berwick being a town independent of either country has never been felt more than when the town was included in the declaration of Crimean war, “England, Scotland, Wales and the town of Berwick-upon-Tweed...”, but omitted from the 1856 peace treaty, creating the wonderful story that Berwick was still at war with Russia! This ‘state of war’ continued until 1966 when, it is said, the Mayor of Berwick signed a peace treaty and declared that “the Russians could now sleep easy in their beds”. 

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