Berwick Town Hall Tours

Berwick’s Town Hall is in the centre of town and holds an enormous amount of history in its walls.

Hidden away upstairs in the building is a small, but very interesting museum, that was once a jail and cells!

Tours take place at 10:30am and 2pm, Monday to Friday between Easter and the end of September.

Booking is not required, but advised if in a large group.



The tour takes place on the first and second floor. The entrance is on the left side of the building as viewed from the front. If assistance is required a buzzer can be found to the right side of the entrance door.

Access to the ground floor lobby is via 2 steps. Access to the first floor is via 22 steps with a landing at the half way point with hand rails on both sides of the staircase.

There are two steps to access one of the public rooms on the first floor with no handrail.

The second floor is accessed by 29 steps with two landings at step 11 and step 18. Most of the stairway has only a single handrail.

A stair-climber operated by the Town Hall Keeper is available for use if necessary (weight limit for passengers is 20 stone) which means the first and second floors are accessible.

An alternative stair-climber operated by the Town Hall Keeper is available for those who are unable to transfer from their wheelchair. This gains access to the first floor only.

There is no storage facility for motorized buggies or prams.

A portable hearing loop is available.