CaroleW Productions presents… Haddock and Chips

‘Says here, there’s a lass gone missing. It’s on the twitter’

It’s a busy night at Frankie’s Chippy, as always. From lasses heading out on the town, to those just passing through and the regulars who have been coming here for years. When reports start coming in of a little girl gone missing, the community must pull together to find her before it’s too late. Will they see what was under their noses all along?

Funny and heart-warming, Haddock and Chips is a timely play about community and how, in the hardest of times, we can find hope in humanity.

Accompanied by foyer artwork commission by Michael Davies

Starring Joe Caffrey and Phillippa Wilson.

Dates & Prices


From To
Friday Friday 05/11/2021 20:00pm 20:00pm Thursday Thursday 01/01/1970 00:00am 00:00am