On any other night, at any other time, Cinderella’s wish would have turned out fine The guest list is ready, everyone is invited To the party of the year and we’re so excited … But the clock is ticking and it’s starting to chime Book your tickets now for the Pantomime!

Cinderella – The Maltings Pantomime 2023

Various dates and times between 9th December – 3rd January 2024

We are delighted to announce that the 2023 Maltings pantomime is Cinderella and is on sale now!

Cinderella is written and directed by The Malting’s very own Wendy Payn and produced by the same team who brought you Aladdin, Snow White and last year’s best-selling Ali Baba and the Four Tea Thieves and is the must-see event for Christmas 2023!

Packed with magical moments and cracking comedy, the Maltings’ Cinderella is suitable for everyone, making it a perfect treat for all the family!

We are delighted to be reviving our wonderful production of Cinderella and cannot wait to welcome our audiences into the Maltings this festive season to join us!

As always, our production team and cast of familiar faces, will be working hard behind the scenes to make this year’s panto sparkle, bringing laughter and joy and making memories for everyone to cherish long after the clock strikes midnight…

Cinderella will be performed at The Maltings, Berwick-Upon-Tweed, from 9 December – 3 January 2024 with a choice of matinee and evening performances, a signed and audio-described performance (date tbc) and performances especially for schools. The performance of Cinderella on Sunday 17 December at 12 noon will also provide a British Sign Language interpretation and audio description.

So, book your tickets soon and make the Maltings Pantomime this year’s magical Christmas treat for everyone!

Dates & Prices


Type Entry For Price
Standard Adult 1 19 per Person
Standard Concession & Child 1 15.50 per Person
Standard Circle 1 21 per Person
Standard Box Seat 1 24 per Person
Standard Stalls Only 1 57 per Family
Premium Adult 1 21 per Person
Premium Concession & Child 1 17.50 per Person
Premium Circle 1 23 per Person
Premium Box Seat 1 27 per Person
Premium Stalls Only 1 65 per Family


From To
Saturday Saturday 09/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm Saturday Saturday 09/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm
Saturday Saturday 09/12/2023 12:00pm 12:00pm Saturday Saturday 09/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm
Sunday Sunday 10/12/2023 16:30pm 16:30pm Sunday Sunday 10/12/2023 18:30pm 18:30pm
Saturday Saturday 16/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm Saturday Saturday 16/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm
Saturday Saturday 16/12/2023 19:00pm 19:00pm Saturday Saturday 16/12/2023 21:00pm 21:00pm
Sunday Sunday 17/12/2023 12:00pm 12:00pm Sunday Sunday 17/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm
Sunday Sunday 17/12/2023 16:30pm 16:30pm Sunday Sunday 17/12/2023 18:30pm 18:30pm
Thursday Thursday 21/12/2023 19:00pm 19:00pm Thursday Thursday 21/12/2023 21:00pm 21:00pm
Friday Friday 22/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm Friday Friday 22/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm
Friday Friday 22/12/2023 19:00pm 19:00pm Friday Friday 22/12/2023 21:00pm 21:00pm
Saturday Saturday 23/12/2023 12:30pm 12:30pm Saturday Saturday 23/12/2023 14:30pm 14:30pm
Saturday Saturday 23/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm Saturday Saturday 23/12/2023 18:00pm 18:00pm
Sunday Sunday 24/12/2023 12:00pm 12:00pm Sunday Sunday 24/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm
Sunday Sunday 24/12/2023 16:30pm 16:30pm Sunday Sunday 24/12/2023 18:30pm 18:30pm
Tuesday Tuesday 26/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm Tuesday Tuesday 26/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm
Wednesday Wednesday 27/12/2023 12:30pm 12:30pm Wednesday Wednesday 27/12/2023 14:30pm 14:30pm
Wednesday Wednesday 27/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm Wednesday Wednesday 27/12/2023 18:00pm 18:00pm
Thursday Thursday 28/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm Thursday Thursday 28/12/2023 18:00pm 18:00pm
Thursday Thursday 28/12/2023 12:30pm 12:30pm Thursday Thursday 28/12/2023 14:30pm 14:30pm
Friday Friday 29/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm Friday Friday 29/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm
Friday Friday 29/12/2023 19:00pm 19:00pm Friday Friday 29/12/2023 21:00pm 21:00pm
Saturday Saturday 30/12/2023 16:30pm 16:30pm Saturday Saturday 30/12/2023 18:30pm 18:30pm
Saturday Saturday 30/12/2023 12:00pm 12:00pm Saturday Saturday 30/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm
Sunday Sunday 31/12/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm Sunday Sunday 31/12/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm
Tuesday Tuesday 02/01/2024 14:00pm 14:00pm Tuesday Tuesday 02/01/2024 16:00pm 16:00pm
Tuesday Tuesday 02/01/2024 19:00pm 19:00pm Tuesday Tuesday 02/01/2024 21:00pm 21:00pm
Wednesday Wednesday 03/01/2024 12:00pm 12:00pm Wednesday Wednesday 03/01/2024 14:00pm 14:00pm
Wednesday Wednesday 03/01/2024 16:30pm 16:30pm Wednesday Wednesday 03/01/2024 18:30pm 18:30pm