The Reivers: lawless families who terrorised the Anglo-Scottish border for 400 years from Newcastle to Edinburgh, Carlisle to Dumfries, until King James 1st broke their power.
Living by blackmail, extortion, protection and theft, they grew to become some of the most powerful families of their time, with names we recognise today: the Nixons, the Armstrongs, the Robsons, the Charltons, the Maxwells and many more.
Northern writer Steve Byron weaves three tales of ordinary people caught up in the Reivers’ web: a farmer, a lawman and a young woman take a stand against their murderous ways. After sell-out performances across the North East last year, this is a must-see for theatre and local history lovers alike.

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Friday Friday 27/10/2023 20:00pm 20:00pm Friday Friday 27/10/2023 22:00pm 22:00pm