Stoneware Pottery Workshop 

RavnClay is holding a hand building pottery workshop.

What better way to enhance your time in Northumberland than visiting the beautiful Ford & Etal Estate and taking part in a pottery workshop at Heatherslaw. 

Join me on the three hour workshop, suitable for absolutely everyone, where you will work with stoneware clays to create your own pottery masterpieces.

For more information and to book go to: BOOKINGS | Ravnclay

Dates & Prices


From To
Friday Friday 29/07/2022 09:30am 09:30am Friday Friday 29/07/2022 12:30pm 12:30pm
Tuesday Tuesday 02/08/2022 09:30am 09:30am Tuesday Tuesday 02/08/2022 12:30pm 12:30pm
Sunday Sunday 07/08/2022 13:30pm 13:30pm Sunday Sunday 07/08/2022 16:30pm 16:30pm
Friday Friday 12/08/2022 13:30pm 13:30pm Friday Friday 12/08/2022 16:30pm 16:30pm
Saturday Saturday 13/08/2022 09:30am 09:30am Saturday Saturday 13/08/2022 12:30pm 12:30pm
Thursday Thursday 25/08/2022 09:30am 09:30am Thursday Thursday 25/08/2022 12:30pm 12:30pm
Saturday Saturday 27/08/2022 13:30pm 13:30pm Saturday Saturday 27/08/2022 16:30pm 16:30pm
Monday Monday 29/08/2022 13:30pm 13:30pm Monday Monday 29/08/2022 16:30pm 16:30pm