Berwick’s imposing Elizabethan Walls are an icon feature of the town. Why and how were they built and by whom? This walk will answer some of those questions.

“I must admit the new wall is marvellous beautiful”, was an opinion voiced to Queen Elizabeth in 1568, but what did the writer go on to say? Built at a time of uncertainty, this was the most expensive project of Elizabeth’s reign. Today a tour of these walls is the best way to see Berwick and get an overview of its past and present, and along the way, encounter conflicting consultants and medieval map-making. This walk gives an insight into the history of these unusual walls which encircle the town, a unique design for this country.

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Saturday Saturday 16/09/2023 10:00am 10:00am Saturday Saturday 16/09/2023 11:00am 11:00am
Saturday Saturday 16/09/2023 16:00pm 16:00pm Saturday Saturday 16/09/2023 17:00pm 17:00pm