Mantra Meditation

Monday 20th February | 7:30pm -9:30pm | Babyama Wellness Hub

What better way to spend an evening than giving yourself a fabulous all over massage from the inside out using the power of your own voice? Fancy it? Then come and join this twice monthly mantra meditation session and share some mesmerising chanting with like-minded people.
Mantra meditation involves chanting words or short phrases repeatedly. The mantras form a focus for the mind, and often an intention is set before chanting begins to aid that focus. The vibration of the sound is therapeutic in itself, and is especially powerful as it comes from within the body. The controlled deep breathing that inevitably accompanies the chanting adds a further dimension leading to an intensely relaxing and blissful experience.
No previous experience is required, and please don’t be put off by thinking that you can’t sing, this is not singing, its chanting – if you can talk, you can chant! I accompany the chanting with an Indian harmonium or shruti box, and this provides a fabulous support for all voices.
We will chant for around 90 minutes, and then enjoy a wee chat over a hot drink and a piece of cake.
£12 (£9 concession).
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