Probiotics: Bugs of the Bottom Line?

Monday 16th January | 10am – 12pm | William Elder Building, TD15 1JT

This event is brought to you by Berwick Education Association. It is an in-person two hour lecture by Dr. Dave Smith,

Although probiotic science itself has been distorted by the search for profitability, a wider analysis of non-communicable disease has promoted a deeper understanding and, indeed, some hope of improvement, at least for future generations. The key is a ‘birth probiotic’.

This lecture will be divided into four sections:

  1. General discussion on the history and the observed benefits of “probiotic” foodstuffs. An introduction to “psychobiotics” and the “microbiota-gut-brain axis”.
  2. Presentation on the science of the so-called probiotics, and a new way to view the human intestinal microbiome and its evolutionary connection with the outside world. Sadly, this analysis suggests that cure is impossible, and medicine is already doing the best it can to fix the problems of microbiome failure. The key point is that the microbiome must be transferred intact to the baby at the moment of birth. Nevertheless, it may prove possible to fix the problem for future generations if the missing microbes can be identified and reintroduced as a one-off “birth probiotic”.
  3. Tea!! Then…
  4. What can we, the “already afflicted”, and our children, do to help ourselves and avoid further medical problems?
  5. How to get the idea across to the mainstream scientific-medical community, bearing in mind the difficulty of shifting previously established opinions? Interestingly, it took about one generation after the initial findings of Louis Pasteur to move from the Miasma Theory to the Germ Theory of Disease. Humanity doesn’t have that time.

Tea and coffee will be served, and all are welcome. There is no need to print out and bring your ticket, as we will have record of your booking. 

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