Welcoming back the always incredible @thetweedriverjazzband who’ll be performing classic Dixieland New Orleans Jazz from 1900-1920’s.

Dixieland jazz emerged from ragtime and was influenced by the blues, gospel music, work songs, brass bands, and ring shout. The advent of Storyville, the city’s infamous red-light district, created a demand for black musicians, and the music flourished.
Notable New Orleans/Dixieland pioneers include Buddy Bolden, Louis Armstrong, Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe (known as Jelly Roll Morton), and Edward “Kid” Ory, Bix Beiderbecke, and King Oliver, to name a few.
There will be pizza, tapas, cocktails, beers wines and the rest! 🎵 + 🍕 + 🍸 + 🍻 + 🍷 + 🥃
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Friday Friday 12/01/2024 19:30pm 19:30pm Friday Friday 12/01/2024 23:00pm 23:00pm