This summer join Slapstick Picnic for a theatrical treat like no other as they whip up a three-hander version of JM Barrie’s classic play Peter Pan.

Let your imagination soar as Slapstick Picnic dish out this timeless tale of hapless pirates, feral children and a particularly punctual reptile. This show isn’t just for kids, their brilliant buffoonery will have ‘picnickers’ of all ages cackling into their coleslaw.

Trust us, this is one flight of fancy you don’t want to miss.

Suitable for everyone 8+ and their families

Dates & Prices


Type Entry For Price
Adult 1 per 10
Child 1 per 7.50
Family 1 per 30


From To
Tuesday Tuesday 29/08/2023 14:00pm 14:00pm Tuesday Tuesday 29/08/2023 17:00pm 17:00pm