balletLORENT’s ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ is a re telling of Margery Williams’ century-old classic children’s tale, specially crafted to appeal to children ranging from babies and upwards. Coming to Berwick in March just before Easter, the creators of this charming theatre production believe you are never too young to see a live show.

Starring six contemporary dancers, all trained in working with the youngest of children, a nursery full of toys will be brought to life through the magic of storytelling, music and dance. As shared adventures lead a toy rabbit to grow closer to the young boy who sleeps and plays in the nursery, the pair discover the transformative power of love. Other loveable characters featured in the production include a horse, a tin robot, a monkey with cymbals, a rag doll and an astronaut.

Another special feature of the show is its tactile set and props, hand-knitted from hundreds of balls of wool by a group of ladies from across Newcastle, under the expert guidance of fashion designer Nasir Mazhar. Children are encouraged to get ‘hands-on’ and explore the set, with the opportunity to interact with the cast, including feeding brightly-coloured knitted carrots to the rabbits.

The Velveteen Rabbit experience for under-3s lasts for 35 minutes, with a second, longer version of the show, more suitable for children aged 4-10 lasting 45 minutes.

Dates & Prices


Type Entry For Price
Entry 1 £8 per ticket


From To
Saturday Saturday 16/03/2024 14:00pm 14:00pm Saturday Saturday 16/03/2024 15:00pm 15:00pm
Saturday Saturday 16/03/2024 16:00pm 16:00pm Saturday Saturday 16/03/2024 18:00pm 18:00pm