Learn about the history of the bridge and this unique part of the River Tweed. This talk will be interactive and is suitable for all ages, including children.
Meet us next to the Samuel Brown Statue on the Northumberland side of the bridge. Parking is available on the road on the approach to the bridge or make it a day out and visit the Chain Bridge Honey Farm and park there.

We anticipate that the guided walk will take approximately 30 minutes.

Tickets are free, but must be booked in advance. Visit https://www.tickettailor.com/events/museumsnorthumberland1 to book now.

Dates & Prices


From To
Saturday Saturday 02/09/2023 13:00pm 13:00pm Saturday Saturday 02/09/2023 13:30pm 13:30pm
Saturday Saturday 02/09/2023 15:00pm 15:00pm Saturday Saturday 02/09/2023 15:30pm 15:30pm
Sunday Sunday 03/09/2023 13:00pm 13:00pm Sunday Sunday 03/09/2023 13:30pm 13:30pm
Sunday Sunday 03/09/2023 15:00pm 15:00pm Sunday Sunday 03/09/2023 15:30pm 15:30pm
Saturday Saturday 09/09/2023 13:00pm 13:00pm Saturday Saturday 09/09/2023 13:30pm 13:30pm
Saturday Saturday 09/09/2023 15:00pm 15:00pm Saturday Saturday 09/09/2023 15:30pm 15:30pm
Sunday Sunday 10/09/2023 13:00pm 13:00pm Sunday Sunday 10/09/2023 13:30pm 13:30pm
Sunday Sunday 10/09/2023 15:00pm 15:00pm Sunday Sunday 10/09/2023 15:30pm 15:30pm
Saturday Saturday 16/09/2023 13:00pm 13:00pm Saturday Saturday 16/09/2023 13:30pm 13:30pm
Saturday Saturday 16/09/2023 15:00pm 15:00pm Saturday Saturday 16/09/2023 15:30pm 15:30pm
Sunday Sunday 17/09/2023 13:00pm 13:00pm Sunday Sunday 17/09/2023 13:30pm 13:30pm
Sunday Sunday 17/09/2023 15:00pm 15:00pm Sunday Sunday 17/09/2023 15:30pm 15:30pm