The NLand250 is a 250 mile road trip, taking you on a epic adventure across the land of dark skies, rolling hills and remarkable coastline.

Stretching from Tynemouth to Berwick-upon-Tweed is one of the finest coastlines you’ll find anywhere in England.

Featuring in Lonely Planet’s epic drives of the world, the Northumberland 250 coastal section takes you on a 36-mile journey of discovery along the world-renowned Heritage Coastline. Look forward to desolate white-sand beaches, medieval castles, towering duneland, and quirky fishing villages.

The borders have a turbulent history, and centuries of war have left a battle-scarred landscape across much of the rolling hills that guard the frontier with Scotland.

This 68-mile section of your nland250 adventure is a delight for those looking to explore England’s last great wilderness, whilst getting a glimpse into the past conflicts which have raged these lands for Centuries.

Venture into the UK’s most parsley populated National Park, discover the melting pot of Berwick-upon-Tweed, search for wild herds of neolithic goats, or marvel at crumbling besieged borderland castles.



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